Home Theater Advice for this

Home Theater Advice for this Month Remote Central is the place for automating your remote controls. I personally think the Philips Pronto are the absolute best price/performance leader. Plus I love programming it. Remote Central lets you do that, find other task based user interfaces and codes for all your home theater equipment.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Explained.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Explained. Windows XP has a time synchronization utility. Very valuable for geeks like me to have my watches exactly on time. Doesn’t work on my HP XP machine, but does on my home one. It complains about being in the wrong stratum. Didn’t understand this until I read all about NTP […]

Build Your Own Mini-PC. OK,

Build Your Own Mini-PC. OK, so I fried Alex’s computer by plugging in the power supply. Replaced it, but I’ll need another. I bought a monitor already, soee the next blog, but now is the time to build another machine. Thank goodness, Tom’s Hardware gives me the spec for a micro machine with a Flex […]

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