CommuniCam (MCA-10)-DPY901242, Cell Phone Battery,

CommuniCam (MCA-10)-DPY901242, Cell Phone Battery, Charger, Leather Case, Faceplates at MARQUEL.COM A plug-on accessory camera that’s powered by the phone through the system connector. Pictures can be sent as E-mail attachments stored in a virtual album EMI (Ericsson Mobile Internet). The camera is controlled through dynamic menus. Instant imaging is growing in popularity. And the […]

Ericsson Data cable RS232 DRS-11

Ericsson Data cable RS232 DRS-11 DPY901236 437022 (back order for 2 weeks) Ericsson Inc. DPY901236 Data cable that connects to your Ericsson mobile phone and a laptop. Can be used as a wireless modem to check and send email. Network Support of data functionality is required for wireless modem use. Please contact operator before purchasing. […]

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