Mavic Technical Information. This Mavic

Mavic Technical Information. This Mavic site normally requires a password, but found me this backdoor. If you access just this set of HTML pages, you can see all the technical information that is normally for bike shop professionals only. Useful to me as I’ve got two Mavic wheelsets and want to make them both […]

Bicycle Training .Co.Uk – Free

Bicycle Training .Co.Uk – Free Training Plans On-Line A pretty cool website that I need to try. Has in depth training plans. Will give it a whack. Here are Sean Williams, the site’s owner’s notes… As a coach I have wondered how to do this site without the need to update pages frequently as the […]

Get Training Program RecommendationA good

Get Training Program RecommendationA good explanation of how to do it follows. I think I’m probably in that zone of riding not hard enough to gain. To really get the most out of your cycling workout, you need to be sure that you’re riding in the right “zone.” If you ride too easily, you won’t […]

Marin Introduces New Suspension

Marin Introduces New Suspension Design. Wow, Specialized just launch the new Epic, Santa Cruz has the new Blur, Klein has the Phantom. I’m in heaven. Will have to get a mountain bike this season. Here are notes on the new Marin’s Marin Bikes just announced the launch of its patented Quad technology which will be […]

Inkjet Printer Cartridges – the

Inkjet Printer Cartridges – the Best Web SitesAt Tech Support Alert we reviewed 47 Web sites selling cheap compatible inkjet printer cartridges by purchasing cartridges from each supplier and testing them on our office machines. Unfortunately many suppliers didn’t make the grade but listed below are the best 15. Well there is something to be […]

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