b2 on a Windows server

b2 on a Windows server is not supported. Wow, still couldn’t get B2 to run, I had forgotten what configuration hell was with all the various INI files. Here are the quick notes from that author on hacking at c:\windows\php.ini… Too numerous are the threads about problems installing b2 on a Windows server, and too […]

DBG: Php Debugger. OK, I've

DBG: Php Debugger. OK, I’ve gotten Mysql, PHP4 and B2 installed, but the b2install.php script is generating an error, so off to find a good debugging tool. Google led me to this for a step by step debugger. Wow, a single integrated suite would sure be great. And of course, it turns out this debugger […]

802.11 Wireless Home Network Recommendations.

802.11 Wireless Home Network Recommendations. The new 802.11a at 72Mbps is coming out. Quite a few folks have been asking me about it. Right now for most homes I’d recommend that you get a low cost 802.11b solution for right now. My buddy Tom Hatsukami was asking and wanted to buy NetGear, so here are […]

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