Scoop || What is Scoop?

Scoop || What is Scoop? Now that the search has begun, it is incredible how many blog and near-blog tools there are. There are photoblogs (see previous entry), there are bulletin board like things like PHP NUke and then there are things like scoop, which I’m just understanding… Scoop is a “collaborative media application”. It […]

Photolog in MovableType FIVE STEP

Photolog in MovableType FIVE STEP PHOTOLOG. Ah ha, this is how you do a photolog using MovableType. It is amazing how clever people can be. You basically overload the fields in MovableType so that the main image is in the main entry, description is in additional entry and the Thumbnail goes into the Excerpt. This […]

Blog Templates Ludwig has given

Blog Templates Ludwig has given me the mission to become an expert of MovableType. There is alot to learn. I’ve through which is probalby the most well designed site I’ve seen in a long time and stumbled onto these blog template sites: Miz Graphics!. A general purpose site for templates. . This is a […]

MSN Hotmail – Message AT&T

MSN Hotmail – Message AT&T Broadband is an amazing company. They cut off my service two weeks ago when they silently updated their system. Had to spend a couple of hours figuring it out, then a journey to their service center in north Seattle. Told me I should have gotten something in the mail. Now […]

Rain Tire Recommendations From the

Rain Tire Recommendations From the web site, some more winter tires to look at HEY UNCLE AL: I’ve decided to start criterium racing a little early in the season. I live in California, so the weather is usually just wet, not icy or snowy. I’d like a recommendation for a tire that would have […]

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