Brad Silverberg. Another incredible site.

Brad Silverberg. Another incredible site. PIR apparently mines information and trys to cross reference people. Does an amazing job with Brad Silverberg of course, but I’m not listed. Interesting idea. Basically it looks at citations in books and other periodicals to build a database of related folks. Cool.

tb-standalone – Standalone TrackBack Just

tb-standalone – Standalone TrackBack Just what I need to get blogger version of to understand trackbacks purposes: 1) it allows non-Movable Type users to use TrackBack with the tool of their choice, provided they meet the installation requirements; 2) it serves as a reference point to aid developers in implementing TrackBack in their own […]

The Game of Risk Been

The Game of Risk Been playing this with the kids since Alex got it for his birthday. Naturally Connie, being a living buddha and a hard core game player since 5 years of age, always wins. So, here are some places to get some strategy help. Like chess, I only win because of the Internet: […]

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