Rise of the Stupid Network

Stupid Network. This is one of those classic articles written by Dave Isenberg five years ago about how the basic telco assumptions aren’t valid anymore. I’ll be a little contrarian in a day when essentially every startup carrier is in bankruptcy and say that the trend is still in the direction the he talks about. […]

Email Innovations

It’s amazing that there hasn’t been more innovation in email. Part of the problem is that there isn’t an easy to code, modular platform to innovate on. Here are some of the projects I’ve found with food for thought. POPFile – Automatic Email Classification. It’s interesting that this is the most active project current on […]

VOIP arriving

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things. This is a neat geek site for interesting gadgets and a multiuser site. Here’s a note from Clay Shirky about VoIP. I have to give it a try! I have been testing Vonage’s VoIP service, and it comes close to the critical mix of simple, useful, and cheap. […]

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