Trek 560

I have a beloved 1985 Trek 560 road bike. I’m updating its components as my second bike. For more detials, Vintage trek has scanned in the actual 1985 Trek Racing Bike Brochure. This means I’m going to: Drive Train. Changing out all the six speed drive train into a Campagnolo 10-speed set with a combination […]

Email to Blog

A long standing project. I actually figured out pretty much how to do it with B2/Cafelog, but I’m going to convert everyone at Geek Fishing over to MovableType and restart the project with MovableType. That does mean I have to learn Perl though, so it will take a while. On the other hand, in the […]

An Explanation…

This represents a new use of categories in MovableType. I’m going to keep track of various projects that I work on by adding the category uncompleted to them and then keeping track of all entries that are uncompleted. It really is a test of how to use MovableType where the primary sorting isn’t date, but […]

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