Long range Wifi

SeattleWireless: Hardware Comparison. Hoops was asking about how to bridge from one access point to another so you can get WiFi coverage where you don’t have an Ethernet port. It is hard to find this, but Seattle Wireless does a great job of noting the important hackazoid features. Like how much power these things really […]

Breaking the 100 meter barrier

I’m trying to get a run down about “100 meters”:http://www.mcpprep.com/WebHelp/ccna/ccna_obj_56.htm down our hill. The main issue is that there are plenty of limitations of Fast Ethernet (technically called 100BaseT). So I’ve been looking at alternatives: h4. Using Fiber Optic Cable. This option basically means upgrading to a 1Gb link (wow!) CABLExpress Technologies – The Network. […]

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