Ritchey Break-Away

Google Groups: View Thread “Ritchey “Break-Away” bike — opinions?”. Been looking at a bunch of custom bicycles with S&S couplings. Great in the $1300-1600 for the frame plus $400 for the couplings. The Break-Away is an $1,100 frame, but what about the quality. Here are some notes from rec.bicycles.tech. Great the way google caches and […]

PTP and Information Hiding

While researching the latest move by the RIAA to “sue”:http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10195 individuals, I ran across some interesting papers: * CSC 8990 Seminars. The first paper is on how PTP actually works and a good description of how to use conventional digital signature techniques to hide who is talking to whom and about what. Also learned a […]

Campagnolo Derailleurs Explained

CAMPAGNOLO 2003 RANGE – INNOVATION. _It’s been confusing which of the three different derailleurs you should get. Here’s a simple explanation_ The Campagnolo Record, Chorus and Centaur groupsets offers three models of rear derailleurs with short, medium and long cage. The rear derailleur with the short cage is for equipping the 2×10 drivetrain, while the […]

Carbon Fiber: It's brittle too…

Well, as most folks know, I just love carbon fiber. It’s in just about every component that I have on my bike. Today though, I learned that it is a miracle material for sure, but it does have its downsides. Caveat Emptor. h4. Campagnolo Record Seatpost: Don’t overtighten even once! My good buddy Dave has […]

Exchange Rate Depression

With the drop in the dollar. All my favorite overseas places are not longer price competitive. The pound when from $1.44 to $1.69 overnight. So, in buying things, you can either get them for list price from “Excel”:http://excelsports.com or you can get some discount from “Licktons”:http://www.lickbike.com. I am not haunting the ebay auctions more too. […]

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