Harmony Remote

Satoshi’s Wireless Weblog: User Interface is an Art: Harmony Remote. Satoshi has discovered this. BTW, the manufacturer site is “HarmonyRemote.com”:http://www.harmonyremote.com/. “Ludwig”:http://www.theludwigs.com thinks it is great idea and his family actually would use it. The heart of the idea is to be activity based and to guess the likely activities from the devices that you have […]

Physics, Wisdom and Advice for Dad

Albert Einstein Online and “Stephen Hawking”:http://www.hawking.org.uk/home/hindex.html. Now Alex wants to be a physicist having read about both Albert Einstein and also Stephen Hawking. I told Alex that I wanted to _Albert Einstein_ when I was little. Since Alex is really 50 years old in terms of wisdom, he said to me, “Dad, you can’t be […]

Polar Power Kit

OK, got “Hoops”:http://scbhooper.com an S-720i, but now we need the power output kit. These are harder to find at a discount. Here are some sources listed in order of my confidence in them: * “Colorado Cyclist”:http://www.coloradocyclist.com/common/products/productdisplay2_v2.cfm?PRRFNBR=27091&S=22977,22978,27734,20070,22854,28682,12111,24608,24609,27091,24610,24604,16241,24603,12150. $314 vs list of $349. * “Excel Sports”:http://www.excelsports.com/new.asp?page=8&major=3&minor=2&description=S%2D710+Power+Sensor+Set&vendorCode=POLAR. At the $350 list. These are listed in google page rank […]

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