Lance-wannabes: New Trek and CicloSport

VeloNews: 2003 Tour de France Special Coverage h4. Trek aims for new heights with Madone Waterloo has been particularly tight-lipped about its latest high-end road racer, which will replace the 5900 Superlight. Lucky for us, information has just leaked out on the bike that Lance (and possibly his teammates) will race on in certain stages […]

Tour de France Starts Today!

Yippee, the Tour de France starts today and so does my collection of TdF blogs and other sites. Here we go: * Jeffrey A. Cross: Tour De France Trivia. Jeffery has got all the trivia about the 100th anniversary TdF * “canal OLN site”: The officical site for OLN. Too bad Lance lost today. Placed […]

Why Aren't PCs Faster?

a little ludwig goes a long way: Partitioning of processing power. Great thoughts as usual by John. Main question is, why when we’ve moved from 300 MHz to 3 GHz processors, standard Windows and Office applications aren’t 10x faster at all. But, with video games, we are seeing incredible advances. Maybe it has to do […]

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