Sony DRU-120A Won't Read DVD9 anymore

The firmware page :: View topic – Sony DRU120A unusable after firmware upgrade. Yuck, I have this exact problem now. I used to be able to read double density DVD9s with the original firmware (1.13, thank goodness I backed up), but now with 1.51, it doesn’t read them. A DVD9 BTW is a double layer […]

DVD Sites

Well, given all this trouble, time to start collecting sites that seem to know what is wrong: * DVD Recordable :: DVD writing reviews news and advice * “Firmware Flash Forum”: Good site with information about lots of hardware that needs to get flashed. That seems like it is a big problem with these DVD […]

All DVD Media Not Equal…

SONY DRU-510A 1.0c FIRMWARE REPORTS HERE PLEASE >>> _As this report shows, you have to be pretty careful with what media you buy. Here’s a post the latest firmware report for the Sony DRU-510A_ i finally had a chance to test some differant types of media yesterday With the new 1.0c firmware,here are my findings: […]

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