AOL Blogs

Hat tip to Satoshi’s Wireless Weblog. AOL launches a blogging service. I’ve got to say that with Jon Miller taking over, they really are doing more software. Cranked out AOL 8.0 after a long hiatus. Then pumped out AOL 9.0 Optimized (don’t understand that branding myself) about six months later. Now they are doing AOL […]

Cognitive Style of PowerPoint

Hat tip to Zagula on Tufte’s new book on bad PowerPoint presentations. IMHO, blaming PowerPoint for bad presentations is a little like blaming Word for your essay not being Shakespearean. Or Outlook for long turgid email. Or MovableType for a boring blog. The darn thing is a tool and you can really misuse it. No […]

MIT Classes online

“MIT Open Courseware”: Hat tip to Ludwig. Hat tip again. What a cool idea. You can take any MIT class online. Sounds like Software Engineering 6.170 is a wonderful course. Also shows how global the knowledge worker business has become. The “Wired”: piece talks about a Vietnamese student in Ho Chi Minh City taking courses […]

Kazaa Hash Issues

Updates on the P2P business: * “P2P Links”: Tim Leonard did P2P guardian (a nice IP blocking program) and has some good links to track the P2P business. * “Zeropaid”: A whole portal just for file sharing. * “Boycott RIAA”: Pretty humorous site that tracks the RIAA. * – Music industry uses vulnerability in […]

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