Campagnolo Record Bottom Bracket: Use Phil Wood instead

_Hat tip to the folks at for this one_ Uncle Al’s Rant: Campy Record Bottom Bracket Dear Uncle Al: Uh oh! I’ve read how much you don’t like the Campy Record bottom bracket. I have 5,000 miles on my 2003 Record Carbon crankset so would be interested to know specifically what’s wrong with it. […]

Ogg Vorbis instead of MPEG 3 – Ogg Vorbis Guide. One thing that is pretty neat is if you use Ogg Vorbis, a much more efficient encoding, rather than MP3 for Xvid movies. Here’s the guide from Doom9. So, the state of the “art” open source movie uses the open source xvid codec and then the ogg vorbis encoder/decoder. I […]

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