RSS and BitTorrent

a little ludwig goes a long way: I need a meta-guide for TV. A great tutorial on how to stick bittorrent and RSS together to find things. Its much better than using a search engine like “”: “”: explains how you never have to miss another show with RSS feeds. Basically, you use Azureus and […]


Podcasting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the most amazing trends that literally has taken off in six months is this podcasting idea. That is, there is audio on the web and it automagically downloads to an iPod. I’m stunned by how fast these platform shifts happen now. Literally overnight, judging by wikipedia. Boy […]

Sony Vaio T140P/L

Sony Unveils 3-Pound T-Series Ultra-Portable Notebook @ CHAITGEAR. This is pretty close to the perfect travel notebook. Its not the machine for everything. In fact, right now I think the dream combination is a fast and cheap desktop for office work that you can get for $1,000 or so now plus a light notebook that […]


!{float: right; margin-left: 10px;}!: Time once again for Rich to take charge and roast the turkey. As usual, here’s a list of recipes that work: “Whole Foods”: The local high end but fresh grocer around here. They have a basic recipe that includes brining the turkey. The brine ratio: 2 gallons water 2 cups kosher […]

Get Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo! Toolbar. YOu have to get this tool for the antispyware. Been working through what’s wrong with Connie’s computer and despite the fact we run IE 6.0, Google Popup Blocker, Zonealarm, Norton Antivirus and Spybot Search and Destroy. On running Lavasoft Ad-aware that I found zillions of spyware programs that weren’t blocked. However, it was […]

Reinstalling XP

Sniptools ?| Tips/Tricks | Reinstall Windows XP without product activation. A bunch of my XP machines are getting random crashes. With the NTFS file system, it is easy to corrupt things and one machine is now dead. Things chkdsk fine, but that doesn’t mean the operating system files themselves aren’t corrupt. So what to do. […]

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