Intel New Architecture: Merom, Conroe, Woodcrest, Whitefield

IDF Fall 2005 wrap – The Tech Report – Page 1 [T]he biggest news out of IDF, Intel’s decision to move to a new CPU microarchitecture common to its mobile, desktop, and server product lines, and we’ve outlined some of the features of that architecture, including a 14-stage pipeline that’s much shorter than the 31-stage […]

Gaming PC Off the Shelf

Brad asked me about a gaming machine. As usual, there is an incredible range of prices for a gaming machine. I will tell you the new games require an incredible amount of horsepower. The main places not to skimp are in order: a) video card, b) memory, c) processor and d) hard drive. If you […]

Colorvision PrintFIX

PrintFIX profiling review and observations. OK, if you are really into printing, then the last step is not to use the paper profiles that vendors ship, but to actually print something and then have a custom scanner which then corrects things. A combination of the “Spyder2 Pro”: to adjust the monitor plus PrintFIX to set […]

China Visas

China requires a visa for travel. There is a business visa and a family visit/tourist visa. You can get a multiple entry visa if you have a letter saying you have family there or you have a letter from a business there. Get the forms from Chinese Visa, Passport, Notarization & Authentication. “Additional Visa info”: […]

Multimedia notebooks

Besides the ultraportable, other folks have been asking me for the classic desktop replacement. Big and heavy at 6 pounds, but with a huge 15-17″ screen. These are great for music and video editing for consumer. As usual, reliability is the number one criteria, but the other ones are screen size and quality, DVD writeable […]

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