Cool Chinese Tools

On-line Chinese Tools. There are some great ones here including a flash card system for learning chinese characters and a complete dicitonary. Doesn’t have modern words like “venture capital” for example. or “blog” Most of the tools are based on the CEDict project which does translations for free on the web. They are either web […]

Learning Chinese

“Zhongwen”: is a great site for understanding chinese as it has an online dictionary that includes roots and things. It also has some great resoruces for learning chinese including: * Learning Chinese Online Page. This is one of many very good site for learning online and has pointers to zillions of other sites. * “CD […]

Benq DW1640 Update

BenQ USA – Drivers DW1640. Benq has a nice web site and clear support documentation for its DVD Rewriters. Folks at “CDFreaks”: seem to like firmware BSMB so upgrade if you have this drive (btw, they just announced the DW1655 which is as fast as the 1640 but also has this Lightscribe technology where with […]

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