F.E.A.R and loose fans


Well, I finally got the new Maxline III drive and it works fine with my nForce. So, when you buy a drive, make sure you get a recent one. The 7S series is newer and it works fine.
Also found out that my fan was loose in my new computer so that is why temperatures went to 65C and I had thermal failure. Now it gets to 55C at maximum. I’m still going to remount the thermal grease though and see if I can’t get temps lower (and therefore overclocking higher).
Finally, started playing FEAR. I did get the latest 1.02 update, but it does hang Windows. Feels like a video driver problem since it isn’t a blue screen but a true hang. KnowledgeBase Article says that you need the latest nVidia driver 81.85, so here goes at “nVidia”:http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_81.85.html