Sony Vegas 6 Pays Off. I’ve actually loved SolnicFolundry’s early efforts and Vegas 6 doesn’t get reviewed by the mainstream magazines, but perhaps it cuts the difference between hard to understand professional stuff like Adobe Premiere Elements and easier to use buy buggy programs from Ulead and Pinnacle. In any case, for $130, you get […]

Pinnacle Studio Plus and MediaSuite

. If you are lucky enough to have a high definition camcorder then you need a way to edit the video. Pinnacle is the only consumer package I know that can handle that. $80 for Sutdio Plus and $100 with MediaSuite. The MediaSuite includes Jasc Paint Shop and also audio editing with Steinber WaveLab. Most […]

KLH Digital is really an Apex – DVD Player Compatibility List. Bill has a knock off KLH DVD-857. I don’t have any idea what this is. But, the KLH Digital 1220 is actually a rebadged Apex 1100W, so I’m guesiing all KLH Digitals are really Apexs. He uses it because it is region free and reads just about anything. Plus […]

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