BIOS 702-2 for DFI with OCZ VX and Athlon X2


DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI/ULTRA Bios. This table is hard as heck to read, but what it says that if you are willing to try a non-official BIOS (that is a BIOS which is not 623-3), then for a DFI LanParty UT nf4 Ultra D with OCZ VX PC4000 memory and an Athlon X2 you will need to:

# Load the 702-2 BIOS. This is an alpha bios for Revision E CPUs only. Revision E are all dual cores and “Venice” single cores released after about May 2005.
# Move your OCZ VX memory to the yellow slots. These actually have different memory configuration tables for different types of RAM. So that -2 BIOS are for Winbond BH5 and UTT (a.k.a CH-5) chips and yo should put these in yellow. The Samsung TCCD based Ram modules go into the orange slots and use the -3 BIOS. You can figure out which underlying chips you are using by google or searching “Anandtech”: whose memory reviews typically tell you what memory chips are in what modules.