Blackberry 8700 and 7130e

BlackBerryToday: Reviews. Hardware-wise, Blackberry has two interesting models that are just out. There is the Blackberry 8700 which is the palm-sized unit. Only available from Cingular right now, but it has EDGE support so networks are faster and it is quad-band as well so it can go anywhere in the world. It is a little […]

Skiing Magazine on Powder Skis

Skiing Magazine and its sister Ski Magazine make it super hard to find things. They have a slow site and the indexing of data is strange. So here is a more convenient index for those looking for powder skis. What Skiiing calls Big Mountain Experts: * K2 Seth Pistol. 179cm, 128/95/118, $750, Speed 3.95, Off-Piste […]

Shanghai Community International School Calendar

Shanghai Community International Schools. Their calendar is just a little different from the US one. The main things are the big October holiday instead of a Thanksgiving one. Also they have a February Chinese New Years that coincides with mid-winter break in Seattle. And there is a week long May holiday instead of the April […]

Washington State Elementary Chess Championships 2006

WA State Elementary Chess Championships. Registration is now up for the state tournament. Sign up now. It is getting close to April. A nice site, you get online registration and also you can check the registration list at “Signup4chess”: to see if you and your friends are there.

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