Sony Cyber-shot vs. Digital Rebel vs. Fujifilm F11 Size and Weights

So what are the dimensions and weights of the recommended cameras, its interesting to see the tradeoffs, as you can see the Sony Cyber-shot is really in the middle so very convenient for travel. It weights less than a pound, while the whole kits for the Digital Rebel is 1.1kg (more than 2.5 pounds) or […]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 and Camera Buyers Guide

“DCViews”: Well, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 is probably the closest thing to the right small camera with big quality compromise. The key thing is that it can shoot decently at ISO 400 so is good for low light situations. Read the reviews, but with 12x optical zoom, 3″ LCD viewer, less than 15 ounce weight, […]

Free Photo Storage

“About”: and also google:”photo storage”.The gold old days of the web are back, now there are literally dozens of sites that will let you store your photos for free on the web and the amount of storage is unbelievable. About has a good list to start with, but here are some reviews of the better […]

Photo Histogram

!>! “Photoblog”: These things appear everywhere, but what are they exactly. Photoblog has a good definition cribbed Photoxels: bq. The histogram is simply a graph that allows you to judge the brightness of an image. You can think of the area under the graph as comprising all the pixels in your captured digital image. The […]

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