Cable economics


Interesting to see how these niche sports folks are doing in terms of viewership on cable:

* “OLN and TdF”: They got 1.7M viewers or 418K households which was a 2.09 household rating. So its about 1M viewers for household rating.
* “NBA and NHL”: The NHL got a 0.3 household rating while ESPN’s NBA got a 2.5 rating for the Heat-Bulls game, Pacers-Celtics 2.0, Nuggest-Clippers 2.1 and King-Sonics 1.8 household ratings respectively. This is about 2.1M viewers for these games. TNT got an average 2.3 household ratings for their share of the NBA, aobut the same as last year.
* “ESPN”: A good PDF that summarizes the ESPN position. Right now they have 99M subscribers and cover essentially all US homes through cable and satellite.

Its interesting to see how this foots with what folks are paying for web viewers.