Griffin iFill

For $20, “Griffin iFill”: will fill up your ipod when you recharge it overnight with any of a set of FM stations. A pretty good idea, it makes some sense as a usage scenario, but seems like you’d rather get news when it happens rather than overnight. Probably good for music though. I wonder how […]


Rockbox – Open Source Jukebox Firmware. Wow how cool. This is an open source firmware replacement for iPods as well as certain models of iRiver (H100 and H300), iAudio X5 and Archos. Kind of amazing folks have done this. “Cnet”: says that it isn’t flashy, but has lots of features that nerds like me will […]

Hard time to buy…

“Anandtech”: does another Buyer’s Guide. As he says, it is a hard time to recommend buying a desktop because both AMD and Intel are changing things so quickly. In a few weeks, AMD launches their AM2 platform. It isn’t any faster, but uses much cheaper DDR2 memory, so you should wait for that. On the […]

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