RoboForm Password Manager

I can’t take it, there are just too many passwords to remember and it isn’t very secure. “Roboform”: is something my buddy Bill uses to automate this. I’m a believer now, it is sure convenient to have something that knows various passwords and that has a master. It also fills in your credit card information […]

Fujifilm Finepix F11 and xD Cards

Well, the xD is kind of a strange format that only the Fujifil FinePix F11 (“DCViews”: uses as far as I can tell. By the way, that is a great review of the F11. Amongst other things it does note that the camera sometimes overexposes. A small -1/3EV correction can be programed to take care […]

Fast Compact Flash Cards

“Rob Galbraith”: did actual in camera testing with the Digital Rebel XT to see what were the fastest cards. For most of these, the RAW write speed wwas the most affect with the Sandisk Extreme III 1GB and 2GB having identical performance at 4.888MBps write JPEG and 6.26MBps RAW. It is also interesting to see […]

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