Motorola V3 RAZR Modding


OK, now that we have a Motorola V3, its fun to see what the internet world has been doing to customize it. It’s kind of amazing the tools that are now available and the amount of hacking people have done:

* “Motox”: This is a big modding site with lots of firmware. The essentials are that Flash is the core operating system while Flex are the various ringtones and other files plus you need a language pack. In MOtox a Monster Pack includes all three.
* “Motox MXLP”: He’s been hacking away and now you can use both English and Chinese on your V3 Razr. Wow that’s very cool with somethi8ng called the 014D language pack that has US, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
* “Unimoto”: This seemsl ike the most popular unlocker on the Motox forum.
* “Cell-Unlock”: Another software solution for unlocking.
* “GSM Liberty”: Don’t know if this works, but for $25, you can take the V3 and use it in China or where ever else you are going. I often need to swap a SIM there. T-mobile lets you unlock but other carriers are less enlightened.