United Mileage promotions


United is always running strange promotions that require signup. The latest is that if you register at “http://www.united.com/chinabonus”:http://www.united.com/chinabonus, you’ll get up to 10,000 mileage points if you fly to China before June 30.

Turns out there are lots of way to track this. “MileMaven.com”:http://milemaven.com is an awesomely cool site that shows promotions by the various legs, so if you are flying from Seattle to Shanghai, it cuts through all the confusion and shows you on a single “SEA to PVG”:http://milemaven.com/offers/flight/route/SEA/PVG/ page what the offers are.

That site tells you that there is a target promotion for instance on number of round trips that they “describe”:http://milemaven.com/offer/flight/page/b7808e4779d147853d00ca9374c5e141/206/109/SEA/PVG/ and tell you to sign up at “:”united.com/myreward”:http://www.united.com/myreward then there is a whole bunch of, if you buy a ticket that costs so much, you get 1,000, “3,000”:http://www.united.com/promoreg?pcode=MPD277 and “5,000”:http://www.united.com/promoreg?pcode=MPD217 miles. This is expiring today

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