Apple iPhone mobs

Jon tells me that he is in the AT&T Wireless store and they are already sold out of 8GB iPhones. They are only letting 2 people in at a time. The “Apple Store”: now has it, but it is on a 2-4 week delivery. They are $500 for a 4GB and $600 for the 8GB. […]

Finally a decent Chinese translator

I’ve been looking for something works pretty interactively. Right now I use “”: for printed translations and also for doing things on mobile. Chinup seems to be the best extension for firefox. Uses tooltips to show the pinyin and the english and chinese. Most of the tools don’t show pinyin. Powered by ScribeFire.

Authentic Military Watches

For a long time, I had an authentic military issue watch, but then lost it somehow. Getting a Eco-drive reminded me how much I liked that old wathc. “”: is a great source for authentic military timepieces. “Marathon”: makes the el cheapo watches that the US Army gives out. It is high impact plastic and […]

New York City with kids to sail, go to the amusement park, bike

!>! So what if you want to take an afternoon and have some outdoor, not touring a museum fun. Here are some alternatives. I tried to pick somethings that are a little off the beaten track and not trekking through the streets: h3. Sailing This is something that Mike suggested to me, get out there […]

Blackberry for Mac

If you have a Blackberry, you know about the dreaded Desktop Manager, so what can you do for the Mac. turns out there is a freeware utility called “PocketMac”: that lets you sync the Mac to Entourage, the Mac Address book, the Mac mail program and also lets you sync to iCal. The most important […]

Blackberry Curve MicroSD and Bluetooth Headset

Ok, the biggest problem with these new phones is that they don’t come with the accessories you really need (something I’m sure the iPhone will do right). So what do you need with the curve, check the “8300 forum”: for great information: * 4GB MicroSD card. The manual says they can only handle 2GB, but […]

iPhone good and bad

I think these things are going to fly off the shelves. Both AT&T and Apple stores are bracing themselves, but “appleinsider”: does give a list of the issues. The two main ones are short battery life. More like 5 hours of talk time. Not clear if that is in addition to video battery life (that […]

Camera Cleaning

Well, my camera is dirty on the _inside_. The internal sensor is dirty. “Bob”: says that you need some special tools from I’d recommend getting the wipes, the fluid, and the wand for serious cleaning from “”: that will cost you about $25 overall: * “SensorWand 14mm for Cleaning 1.5x & 1.6x Sensors”:// This is […]

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