Fenix L1D-CE


Finally got this “Fenix L1D-CE”:http://www.flashlightreviews.com/reviews/fenix_l1dce-l2dce.htm from Amazon seller. I have to say it is amazing. It is expensive at $50, but man, is it bright. Nothing like it and it runs for hours on a single AA. Anyone who needs something for emergencies should get it. It is amazing because it uses a Cree XR-E high efficiency LED which is twice as efficient as the previous Luxeon LEDs. I’m amazed!

It will run for 25 hours at the low setting and 2 hours at maximum. If you get the two AA battery, L2D-CE, then you get 88 lumens out of it which is amazing. With L1D-CE, you get 44 lumens which is still plenty bright. I’d say get the L1D-CE for portable use and if you are throwing it in your car, get the L2D-CE

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