4 Replies to “ChinesePod”

  1. Great to hear from youMIke. Yes, I’ll have to give that a try. ChinesePod has short lessons, PDFs in print so that is why I like it. Add that to Mobilecast which wirelessly downloads podcasts to an iPhone or itouch and it is killer.

    Last thing is the dialog is super useful. As an intermediate or so, knowing the slang for a plane ticket or aisle seat is really great.

  2. Dear rich, Can I know your email? I hope can communicate more with you on this, I was the core developer of http://www.englishtown.com (which is the largest online English school in the world), I am working on the Chinesetime project for almost 2 years. We based in shanghai, so next time when you visit shanghai, if possible, we can meet there.

    my msn is mikeecao@hotmail.com
    my gtalk is mike.cao@gmail.com

    thanks a lot

  3. Hey Mike, I just sent you my email and so forth to your gmail account. No need to wait for me to get to Shanghai though, our Chinese investment group, http://qimingventures.com is based there and I’ll get someone for you to talk with…

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