Month: April 2008

Snipe Racing

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The summer season snuck in on us. At “Snipe Fleet 444”: they race every Tuesdays April-September, so time to get started with at least the Summer series June 18-July 30. These things are a class of boat, but there are lots of manufacturers and things to consider. “Mike McLaughlin”: did a good overview article on…

Downtown Seattle Restaurants

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!>! Well, I said you could spend a year exploring downtown Seattle restaurants for lunch. Here’s a sampling of the latest so far in the definitely go there again. As a sampling of where to find reviews, “”: and The Stranger I’d add to my list. The “Gayot Top 10”: is pretty good. * “Steelhead…

Time Capsule and Airport Extreme Downgrade to 7.3 and MBA Problems

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Well, many folks on “Apple’s discussion”: are talking about performance issues with 7.3.1. Like me, I now lose the connection to the Time Capsule drive and then Time Machine fails and looks for a password (which should be on the key chain). The other problem is slow network “speeds”: where folks are seeeing speed stuck…

Time Machine Slow Initial Backup

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We’ve found Time Machine incredibly, incredibly slow on the initial backup. Even with gigabit ethernet, it would backup may 3GB after 2 hours. With the way we use machines at work, it would just start over all the time. “”: has some advice about what to do: * Turn off Time Machine * If you…

Wiki markup

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Each Wiki has a different shorthand for HTML unfortunately. “Splitbrain”: does a good job of comparing them and they aren’t the same at all. Some relevant ones for Wikka Wiki are: notextile.. //italic// __underline__ ##monospace## ++deleted++ ~quoted text %%source code%% —– _Gives you a horizontal rule_ should work as a URL automatically [[ Tongfamily]]…

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