Month: August 2008

Cool iPhone Applications

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There are so many coming, “”: does a great review. Of note: * Asphalt 4 Elite Racing with real 3-D and real cars too now $9.99. get it here* Toy Bot Diaries which let’s you control your bot over obstacles. $4. Get it here* IM+ is free and is a chat client for Jabber, MSN,…

Excel 2008 bugs make it useless for loans and private equity

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Wow, I can’t believe Microsoft would ship a product like this. Beware, Excel 2008 won’t recalc XIRR correctly and in fact any sheet that has an intentional reference where loan amounts have fees that are dependent. This has worked in versions of Excel for the last 20 years. So sad, it means that Excel 2008…

Chinese Olympic Nicknames and vocabulary

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For the true student of chinese, here are the nicknames of “players”: Some are really great! | Athlete | Nickname | Pinyin | Translation | Explanation | | LeBron James | 小皇帝 | xiao3 huang2 di4 | Little Emperor | He’s King James | | Camelo Anthony | 甜瓜 | tian2 gua1 | Sweet Melon…

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