Month: June 2011

If your iPhone headphone jack gets loose and other miscellaneous iPhone parts

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Or breaks as it is plastic, then you have to get your audio out from the 30-pin Iphone connector. Here are the parts you need: A iPhone connector to 3.5mm plug. I can’t find one that is female So you need a female-to-female connector for 3.5mm like Monocable has for $0.47 Some cheap headphones like…

Airport Extreme logging

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These routers do support logging, but you have to mutter strange incantations to the Mac OS X (revealing its Unix roots), then point the Airport Extreme with the Airport Utility to the IP address of your machine…according to Mintel: Change syslogd configuration   # echo “local0.notice /var/log/airport.log” >> /etc/syslog.conf   Touch the logfile   #…


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Ugh I somehow didn’t get the tines gift card discount in best buy. Somehow didn’t make it through the whole purchase process. But here are some new gizmos and things… 1. Apple AirPlay makes it easy to build music systems. As Macworld points out. How to. Just buy an airport express and hook it to…

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