If your iPhone headphone jack gets loose and other miscellaneous iPhone parts

Or breaks as it is plastic, then you have to get your audio out from the 30-pin Iphone connector. Here are the parts you need: A iPhone connector to 3.5mm plug. I can’t find one that is female So you need a female-to-female connector for 3.5mm like Monocable has for $0.47 Some cheap headphones like […]

Airport Extreme logging

These routers do support logging, but you have to mutter strange incantations to the Mac OS X (revealing its Unix roots), then point the Airport Extreme with the Airport Utility to the IP address of your machine…according to Mintel: Change syslogd configuration   # echo “local0.notice /var/log/airport.log” >> /etc/syslog.conf   Touch the logfile   # […]

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