Photography lust

OK, just had a really wonderful photography do an event for us. There were two amazing things: 1. The lowlight performance of the Nikon D700 is just incredible. Can’t believe

El cheapo chargers and iPhone accessories

Well who wants to pay $30 for an iPhone charger for your car or whereever. I just bought a round of dual chargers at half the price, here is a

Lion very buggy

I’m not sure what it is and not posted, but this application which I’ve used forever because it is so fast for previewing and going through photos is broken for

iPhone 3G cracked screen.

Well one drop and it is all over. With an iPhone 4G, it costs $29 from Apple to get a new one. Pretty reasonable. But it costs $200 if you

Bike Lust

Back to loving bikes. Went on a few rides and remembered how much I love it. So what’s up since (five years?) in the technology world: Trek Madone 9.6 SSL.