Photo printing and projection and soon speakers as well…

I’ve always wanted to have the complete setup that includes speakers, projector and the ability to print and make super cool post card books. Now, it looks like I actually need it, so time to look for a great pico projector that is small and lightweight and throws a good enough picture for casual use. […]

Drool, drool the future

So Christmas is nearly here, but what is coming in 2012. Some good thoughts for: Android Phones Well they are so popular, I do kind of want to try one. But it is so complicated because of the warious upgrade paths. Heres a good summary of what is happening, but like windows, the big issue […]

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Its so sad, I used to be so good at these games when they were on the PC and now on consoles, I’m just dead last in our house. There is a big shift from single player to multiplayer. Multiplayer isn’t really a combat simulation, but something else entirely. So no more sneaking around with […]

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