Day: September 26, 2012

Yes, it booted! I'm soooo happy!

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Ok, so maybe I shook some confidence, but the we got the Aquarium PC to boot for the first time. It’s been five years since I’ve built a computer and this one with its 1000 watt power supply had me a bit worried. Fire extinguisher at the ready and it worked! You can see the…

Camera Choices post Photokina

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The big Photokina show happened and had a chance to look at the Fuji X1-Pro and talk about cameras, here’s the scoop on what looks good: Big dSLR With a Canon 5D Mark II already and a big investment in Canon glass, it is hard to switch systems, but I’d say that right now, it…

Music Keyboard for Computer

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Well if you want to do composing and music, it is great to have a keyboard that plugs into your computer. Here’s what you can think about getting thanks the well named Decide how many keys you need. A smaller 49 key will take you well into intermediate, but if you know how to…

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