Secure Mail with S/Mime or OpenPGP on Mac Mail or Thunderbird

Most of the documentation for this seems to be pretty obsolete as things have really shifted around. The main issue that there are two big security holes right now and the big tradeoff is that you can be more completely open source and use OpenPGP, but you can’t use your iPhone conveniently as Apple doesn’t […]

Making a Samsung Flat panel TV work as Windows 8.1 Monitor

If this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is, but if you have a Samsung screen that is overscanning a digital input (apparently it does it for all inputs!). Then you need to fix it by physically changing the hardware connection. Only HDMI1/DVI *doesn’t* overscan. And then you On Saturday […]

Apple frustrations with .MTS video files –

If you have a camera (like my Sony RX-100) that produces .MTS files for its H.264 format, then editing on the mac ain’t easy. Because you really want something like mp3trim which trims but doesn’t uncompress and recompress. Every once in a while I try to edit video in the .MTS format on m yMacBook with the built-in […]

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