Fujifilm X100S vs Ricoh GR vs Canon SL-1 with 17-55mm F/2.8 vs. Sony RX-100 (warning, very slow download)

Well, thanks to Lensrentals.com, I did a big test of all four cameras. It wasn’t super precise since I didn’t have the RX-100 with me, but this isn’t a technical review, but more of actual usage by a not very good photographer. I shot in raw and in jpg and used DxO to process for […]

Miscellaneous rewards offerings

Seems like everyone is offering something these days. It is so hard to find them all, so here’s my short list that I get from the occasional reading, although loyaltylobby,com seems to ahve a good list: Premier Gold on Mileage Plus can now register and become Marriott Rewards Gold elites at http://united.com/rewardsplus which is just […]

Shared photostream not at full resolution

Sigh. Why is it that people sometimes get so close to great and then fail. Apple photostream is nearly wonderful but feels half implemented. The main issue is that while sharing, u only get low resolution images. The sad thing is they do store the original resolution somewhere but other users can’t access it even […]

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