xCode custom class not showing up…

Argh. Going through Ray Wenderlich’s tutorials and I keep missing the custom class creation. And the custom class doesn’t seem to work. It looksl ike an xCode 5 bug…Just reopen

Lastpass to 1Password migration

Well, I finally have a little time to think about security and 1Password seems like they are more open than Lastpass (their source code is closed), so I’m going to

SMime vs OpenPGP and Self-signed vs CAs

Well I’ve been using OpenPGP for a while with Enigmail on Thunderbird and also with OpenPGP and Mac Mail, they actually work quite well and the nice thing is all

UHS-1 vs Class 10 SD cards are about 2-3x faster

Well now that one of my 32GB SanDisk Extreme’s has failed and there is apparently a lifetime warranty, but in the mean time, I need a few more SD cards,

Ubuntu, Macrumors, Adobe, Eventbrite and CustomCOD hacked

Yes, you can definitely develop a negative attitude towards the “2nd tier” sites and their security systems. At least now people are telling you waht is happening, but in short

Deploy iPhone app from IOS

Been using Ray Wenderlich’s great tutorials to learn iOS. Pretty good. Now it’s time to install it on my phone (with great pride!): You need to get a certificate for

MacBook Pro Retina Accessories

For a Retina MacBook Pro, here are the great stocking stuffers to keep the thing good as new: AppleCare. Although expensive, there is nothing like a true three year warranty

Flat Panel TVs

Well with the 3D revolution well underway and the 4K (four times the resolution of HD!) as well as OLED coming, it’s a tough time to buy a flat screen

Drool, drool, 4K monitors

Well, you can spend so much time convincing yourself you don’t need high resolution (reminds me of life before Retina displays and heck dating myself, when VGA was good enough),

iPad Air accessories

Well now that you have your new iPad Air (or are waiting for Targets, $20 off plus $100 gift certificate Black Friday offer), you need all the rest in particular