Macport MythTV

Well I’ve been trying to get a Mac based DVR going for a while. Maybe I should just use NimbleTV and pay, but here is the home-brew option: Install macports Download macports from the site Install Xcode from Appstore From Mavericks, command line tools are installed in separately or by running “xcode-select –install” Install mythtv by […]

Streaks on an HP 3050 J610

Yuck, the problem with free printers and ones you don’t use is that they clog and jam. Printing is so 20th century! Anyway for this one, the documentation is incorrect. There is a Mac Utility to do this and it is in the printer driver area. We tried to run cleaning twice and it […]

Free money from Radio Shack (RIP)

Run don’t walk to get your free $25! Free money from Radio Shack – The Frequent Miler RadioShack has an amazing promotion going on now through February 28th.  Trade in 5 portable electronics for a gift card worth at least $25.  You can trade in almost anything: old headphones, video games, digital cameras, etc. Free […]

Setup Stuck At Creating User Account…: Apple Support Communities

I confirm this works. If you get stuck creating the user account, do not login to AppleID and do not select the automatic timezone detection, and it will proceed to the next screen in 2-3 seconds. I am now sitting on the desktop, all good. via Setup Stuck At Creating User Account…: Apple Support Communities.

Getting ready for winter…chains and cables

Time to get ready for winter (and regulations) and in looking through Amazon and their buyer’s guide, it looks like the Thule CB12 chains and the Z cables are the best rating. So how to figure out what you need? Which Thule or Security Chain? They have an amazing range of models and in general Thule gets […]

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