The Best Browser Extensions that Protect Your Privacy

I haven’t research this in a while and have been using a combination of Startpage, Adblock, Ghostery, Noscript, WOT and LastPass for security and passwords. But there seem to be quite a few overlapping ones and NoScript in particular takes quite a bit of work. So what’s the best. Lifehacker suggest Disconnect does the most […]

Picking 4TB Drive Guide

If you are like me, you’re probably completely confused by the plethora of identical sounding models of 4TB drives. Here’s a decoder ring focusing in on warranty (reliability really), performance (mainly rotational speed) and NAS-able (various fast error protocols). The sweet spot for NAS seems to be the Seagate ST4000VN000 which I’ve been buying and […]

Start Your Chicken in a Cold Skillet for Delicious, Crispy Skin

Got to try this tonight! If you’re looking for deliciously crispy pan seared chicken, the folks at America’s Test Kitchen suggest that—contrary to what you might think—the key is a cold pan or skillet, not a searing hot one like you’d have for a steak. Here’s why. P The key is that by allowing the […]

NAS for the (big) home DS1813+ vs DS2413+ vs. RS2414+

Storage, storage. It is just incredibly how fast you can eat it up with all the home videos (particularly with the move to 4K UltraHD and 24-36MP cameras). I’ve actually just about maxed out our Synology DS1812+ and after some early issues with the Synology Hybird-RAID (I switched to pure RAID 6 and things seem […]

Best of iPhone 5/5s stands, cases and screen protectors

Been through lots of these and now here are some opinions. Like the iPearl for MacBook, there are lots of cases, but I think some clear winners. The first a tempered glass screen protectors. Expensive, but way better than the plastic sheets. Screen Protectors We’ve tried the Luvvitt tempered glass ($20 from Amazon) and it […]

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