Month: March 2014

The Best Browser Extensions that Protect Your Privacy

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I haven’t research this in a while and have been using a combination of Startpage, Adblock, Ghostery, Noscript, WOT and LastPass for security and passwords. But there seem to be quite a few overlapping ones and NoScript in particular takes quite a bit of work. So what’s the best. Lifehacker suggest Disconnect does the most…

Picking 4TB Drive Guide

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If you are like me, you’re probably completely confused by the plethora of identical sounding models of 4TB drives. Here’s a decoder ring focusing in on warranty (reliability really), performance (mainly rotational speed) and NAS-able (various fast error protocols). The sweet spot for NAS seems to be the Seagate ST4000VN000 which I’ve been buying and…


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This program is kind of a pain in the you know where, but it sure is lucrative. Basically, you get these notices. Have to click on a site and then you get random amounts of discounts. Active this month are these 10% off deals: Monoprice TigerDirect Patagonia Starbucks Burger King California Pizza Kitchen Panera Bread…

Start Your Chicken in a Cold Skillet for Delicious, Crispy Skin

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Got to try this tonight! If you’re looking for deliciously crispy pan seared chicken, the folks at America’s Test Kitchen suggest that—contrary to what you might think—the key is a cold pan or skillet, not a searing hot one like you’d have for a steak. Here’s why. P The key is that by allowing the…

NAS for the (big) home DS1813+ vs DS2413+ vs. RS2414+

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Storage, storage. It is just incredibly how fast you can eat it up with all the home videos (particularly with the move to 4K UltraHD and 24-36MP cameras). I’ve actually just about maxed out our Synology DS1812+ and after some early issues with the Synology Hybird-RAID (I switched to pure RAID 6 and things seem…

Best of iPhone 5/5s stands, cases and screen protectors

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Been through lots of these and now here are some opinions. Like the iPearl for MacBook, there are lots of cases, but I think some clear winners. The first a tempered glass screen protectors. Expensive, but way better than the plastic sheets. Screen Protectors We’ve tried the Luvvitt tempered glass ($20 from Amazon) and it…

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