Sublime Ninja Keyboard Shortcuts

You can’t really be a good developer if you ever have to use the mouse. I can do this for vi (yuck!), but not for sublime, so here goes. BTW, this page is broken because you can’t just copy and paste. As explains, here is a map and the unicode mapping is And […]

It's raining Minolta SR-T 101 and 102s and Rokkor MC and MD lenses

Wow, I love eBay there are so many of these cameras around and there are quite a few that are refurbished and even have guarantees. Pacific Rim Camera seems like a good seller. They have 44K ratings (?!!) and specialize in vintage equipment. Plus, they tell you exactly what works and doesn’t work. The SR-T […]

Grey screen in iTunes when playing…: Apple Support Communities

Grey screen in iTunes when playing…: Apple Support Communities. I truly hate copy protection. Basically if you are controlling your home theater Mac with remote desktop protocol, iTunes will just show a grey screen without an error message because it violates the copy protection scheme. Yuck. Yuck!!!!!

Greg Smith's Note Magnet: Getting started with rsync, for the paranoid

OK, I’ve been using GoodSync, but on my latest copy, it seems incredibly unreliable. Seems to hang. Of course I’m trying to copy a terabyte or more of my personal photos, so maybe this is OK. But I’m back to using Rsync. Here are some notes: The most basic usage is from one directory to […]

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