Month: September 2014

Photoshop Baseline 'Standard' vs Baseline Optimized

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These are the three JPG formats for image compression, which affects the way your images display on the web: Baseline Standard is used when you want your JPG to be recognizable to most web browsers. It’s basic and, well…. standard! It makes the least amount of changes to your image. All web browsers support it….

“arbitrary stop errors because of excess overlap” : Bugs : Enblend

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Sometimes enblend stops with error code 1 and a message “excessive overlap detected; remove one of the images”. This behavior is arbitrary. F.e. a test project with 8 images all in the exact same place on an equirectangular canvas doesn’t cause the error. via Bug #685893 (sf-2932316) “arbitrary stop errors because of exces…” : Bugs…

Getting 2550×1440 from a MacBook DisplayPort

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This whole interconnect is a little confusing particularly if you want to plug multiple computers into a single monitor. The easiest way is to just have different connection. Most monitors autosense so just plugging thing in work weel. The long and short is that: HDMI does support 2550×1440 at 60fps with most cables (HDMI 1.4)…

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