When to buy electronics like MacBooks, iPhones and android phones

It’s always hard to know the best time to buy things. But for electronics the main question is how rapidly the technology is evolving.  For things that are moving fast it makes the most sense to try to buy “ahead” because the software typically will end up depending on new features. For instance phones are […]

Nice colors on vim and ubuntu

Wow what a confusing set of ideas. With these modern graphical operating systems, making character or terminal applications look nice takes you back literally 40 years.  Here’s the scoop for pretty terminal colors for developers.  The default colors in vim are pretty bad. http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized has devoted way too much time to creating a beautiful palette […]

Saving on gift cards via eBay or Staples

So you want to give gift cards, well here are some ways to stack bonuses and get some big savings according to Frequent Miler. This isn’t manufactured spend but legitimate use. The biggest problem is that the Ebay site is just very broken. For two days the Paypal connection didn’t work. And then the Paypal […]

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