Canon MX700 does work with Yosemite despite what Canon says.

This is the first time I’ve seen a printer lose compatibility. Canon says that the MX700 no longer works with Yosemite. Somehow I can’t believe that it is this broken. So the investigation begins: One clue is that someone says that the Twain driver support was removed with Yosemite, but there is a fix where […]

MythTV 0.27 on MacPorts using HDHomeRun Prime and schedules direct

Trying to build this. We used 0.25 for a long time, but this is now obsolete. And the RAID0 drives were showing problems, so went to a complete rebuild with MythTV with MacPorts. It now uses mariadb instead of mysql. So onto running setup for Mac MythTV isn’t the same as the MacPorts setup and isn’t quite right […]


Man the old days of Excel are long gone, now you can generate incredibly powerful array actions so easily when doing the equivalent of database lookups. As explains this thing starts to look like APL: So for instance to add all the cells in column C where column A has the text “apple” and […]

SSD recommendations for different server workloads

A great conversation with Vlad about setting up different servers in a development environment. Many of these loads are today run in virtual machines on a single system. The latest hypervisors have reduced the VM overhead to 5% so it makes so much sense to run them virtually particularly if you dedicate a slice of […]

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