Learning Swift and the Best of Both Worlds play

Well, having suffered through Objective C and liked XCode compiler, it has sure been interesting to see what Apple has come up next with Swift. It’s the brain child of Chris Lattner. He’s had a pretty incredible career, developing LLVM (a compiler backend) and then Clang (a front end) and finally XCode that’s been used […]

iPhone confusion Photostream vs Photo Library

Are you confused as to the best workflow for your iPhone photos. I am!  At least for my traditional photos, I get it, here’s what I do: Download the photos Delete the ones I don’t like. I’ve been using Preview when it isn’t too slow (but it’s gotten unbearable with Yosemite), so use Lightroom for […]

Apple Magic Mouse will not connect

Have you ever had this problem? Sometimes, the keyboard and the mouse just refuse to connect. Dave Meehan has some good tips. Basically they are: For the keyboard, put in new battery and HOLD down the Power button while powering up, this will reset the pairing. For the mouse, if it doesn’t connect, oftentimes it is […]

Don't put into extraneous information into sites!

Well, here’s the best reason to keep the information you put into a site at the minimum, the latest hack is from Amazon’s Twitch:   We are writing to let you know that there may have been unauthorized access to some of your Twitch user account information, including possibly your Twitch username and associated email […]

Bivy Sacks the OR Helium

Well another last minute purchase. We’ve got a camping hammock for the woods, how about a bivy sack and nothing like 24 hours to buy one! So here’s a quick look at reviews from Outdoorgearlabs.com (they only review a few, but it is the base recommendation) and also looking at reviews on rei.com (sometimes useful), amazon.com […]

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