Nikon d810 and Nikon 200 f/2, Zeiss 55mm f/1.4

wow what a bazooka of a Lense. And a 36mp sensor. Took some time to learn how to change things. It’s got lots of buttons. Shooting a regatta and got this and a te14 and te2 teleconverter. has a nice technical review. It shows that maximum center sharpness is at f/2.8 but while center declines […]

Yet another data breech

Life seems to be filled with the monthly data breach. In this case it is Home Depot soy can get protection by clicking on so you can data monitor. In this day and age, you really should have every credit card transaction appear in your email. It is a lot, but with these monthly occurrences […]

Scanning in old photos and videos

I’ve been laboriously going through old negatives and while you can use services like ScanCafe to do this, I find that it isn’t the scanning time, but the time spent looking through the negatives and getting clues from the photos themselves (like when the prints were made) that is the real value. Today, we never have […]

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