Month: September 2015

Making keys and passwords 1really secure

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Well, in the last two years, I’ve been way to glib about things. So now is the time to straighten up. There seems to be no really good guide about how to do this, but the steps are basically: Secure your passwords The advice here is good but it takes a long time to make…

Wiping out MythTV 0.27 including debases

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We’ve been using mythtv for a while, but now it has a corrupted mariadb so nothing records. We have to start all over and the instructions are clear about getting rid of the software but not the man configuration and database files thanks to Mac Ports, this is much easier.   Note that the second…

Geek love Cherry MX keyboard switches

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OK, more stuff that no one cares about. About two years ago, we got a Razor keyboard. It cost more than many computers do ($140), but it had the famous Cherry Blue switches. These reminded me of the original IBM PC. Click and clack, but boy did they feel sure and sharp. Now we just…

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