Yakima Jetstream, Streamline and Frontloader

I’ve been confused for a while about the Whispbar. We have these for our older Honda Fit and they are truly impressive. Quiet and they do not reduce gas mileage either unlike the older Thule square bars I’ve used before. But I didn’t realize that whispbar.com is actually a company acquired in 2010 by Yakima as a premium […]

Dockerfile static vs build time vs runtime contexts

Well we’ve been using Docker quite a bit in production and it has been a learning experience for sure. A good one in that you start with a simple Dockerfile which looks a lot like a shell script and then realize how powerful the ideas are. The main confusion is this separation between what should […]

BMD4064UC settings and the new 43 inch monitor from Phillips BDM4350UC

We’ve been using with great success the 40″ Philips BDM4064UC monitor. It is 4K and it is terrific for writing software. You can have a huge number of terminals open which is just great. The price is quite high. About $800 and now about $700. The other thing that is great about that monitor is […]

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